Happy Wednesday!
Things That Made Me Happy This Week

+ the concept of a “future good news” section on calendars

+ this fortune cookie

+ watching “Ma Vie En Rose”, “Religulous”, & “The Best Of Triumph The Insult Comic Dog”

+ Janice’s awesome package see here

+ the yellow hollow milk chocolate flavored duck named QUAX (from said package)

+ resetting my priorities and feeling confident about them

+ reading my friend’s March happy lists

+ talking to my friend Monica again

+ eating at Lee Szechuan’s for the first time

+ long conversations with Matt at El Salto

+ project possibilities

+ looking up in my local deli for the first time and seeing this parachute man

+ sweet potato tots (Sonic)

+ walking from the post office to my car in the rain with a big stack of colorful mail in hand

+ the term “slurpslurp” instead of slurpee

+ wearing this “fascinator” all day on Monday

What made you happy this week??