Last week I found a lot of things that made me happy.

+ buying my own domain

+ having a fire evacuation on the nicest day possible (with no negative consequences)

+ chalkboard play areas at Lemongrass

+ The Eager Beaver website

+ packing bags of paper goodies with the plan of re-opening Etsy

+ a cassette curtain at Record Exchange in Silver Spring

+ having an awesome mail week

+ Bug’s new goodbye routine being jumping on my shoulder from the banister like he’s a parrot and I’m a pirate

+ April’s package!

+ finally going into the florist/antique shop in the same strip as my post office and seeing how cute it is

+ Matt having a good birthday

+ Pacman street pole

+ good news at work

+ awesome finds at thrift stores and yard sales

+ colorful paper snowflakes

What made your week happy??

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