Being trapped in an office cubicle when you’d rather spend time being creative is a motivation-killer. If you have the creative itch, then finding ways to let it become your main source of money is very challenging, but there is good news. In the age of the internet, it’s never been easier to make money from your creativity. Whether you want to write books, create art, or sell your hand-knitted clothes, finding customers in the digital age may not be as difficult as you think. If you’re tired of working for other people, or your job is unsatisfying in every way imaginable, then these ways of making money from your creativity might just transform your life.

For Budding Photographers

Making money from photography used to be very difficult, but it’s never been easier. If you have a good eye for a photo, or you have some experience with professional photography, there are ways to turn your talents into a profit. There are online stock photo agencies where you can upload your photos, and if someone uses them for their website or news article, then you get paid. You will need a lot of photos and a wide variety of images if you want this to be a steady revenue stream, but it’s a potentially fantastic way to build a passive revenue stream.

Making Money From Art

If you paint or draw, you’ve probably wondered how to make money from it. Obviously, in an ideal world you will sell original artworks for a high price, but there are other options. Use social media to let people know that you are now selling prints of your work. You might not earn as much money per sale, but having a steady supply of smaller amounts could end up earning you more income than selling original artwork less regularly. You can even upload your art to sites like Redbubble, and make even more money by selling branding clothing and merch.

Write A Book

They say that everyone has a book in them somewhere, but the world of publishing is very difficult to get a foot in the door. Nothing is more frustrating than spending months or even years working on your great novel, only to find that nobody wants to publish it. Of course, with online publishing, you could self-publish and self-promote to your heart’s content. With no upfront costs on sites like Amazon, you don’t even have to resort to paying for a vanity publisher anymore. This is a great option even for those that aren’t as creative, with people building fantastic passive revenue streams by publishing Kindle-only versions of How-To guides and expert information books, so you can have a product launch Amazon easily.

Make A Blog

Blogs are everywhere these days, and sometimes it seems as if every person on the planet has one. For creatives, a blog is becoming an essential part of daily life. Having the right blog gives you an outlet for your creativity, and it can generate money as well. There are many ways to monetize your blog, and after a little success, you may find that you want to take it to the next level. Consider getting a bank loan or one of the many installment loans that are available. Invest money to build a website to pay for new content or for marketing to increase your audience reach, and your blog could end up being a very satisfying way of making money.

Have A Party

It might not seem like the best way to make money, but the creative person in need of an outlet will always benefit from planning and hosting a themed party. The challenge is making it pay, but there are options. If you have a skill when it comes to throwing the best events, then you might be able to turn it into a full-time career. You could even find ways to make money at the party itself! From craft parties where your arty friends can sell their goods, to a hen night to end all hen nights, showing your organization and creativity can lead to paying jobs. There’s a reason why wedding planners are in such high demand. Planning an event requires a complex combination of creativity and organization, and if you have those, then you could end up being the go-to person for the events of the year.

If you hate your job, or you’re worried about the insecurity of the job market, then learning to rely on your own talents is a great safety blanket. Finding new ways to make money is always liberating, but when you tie it in with your need to be creative, it becomes almost essential. Look at your creative output and start looking for ways to turn it to profit. You may use ProfitGuru’s FBA fee calculator to estimate the potential profit you can make based on product attributes like price and size. The answer might be easier than you think.