Though you may not realize it, the way you decorate your home and garden can significantly improve your happiness. The new year in particular is a great time to redecorate your home and give it the love it needs to lift your mood. From the color you paint the walls, whether you choose violet for mindfulness or sky blue for renewal, to the photographs and sentimental items we display in our living rooms for all to see, we’re exploring what you can do to your home and garden to boost your mood below.

Honoring Your Memories

If there is something, regardless of whether it is a place, person or pet, that stimulates happiness for you, try to take a photo and display it proudly in your home. Even if you are planning a holiday that is months away, put a subtle reminder of it somewhere. By simply looking at these gentle nudges, you will begin to feel much better and withdraw from the stresses of the world. It doesn’t matter whether you hang your photographs on the wall, or stand them among other sentimental items on your magnificent teak coffee tables, photographs remind us of the things we love and can help us relive past memories.

Choosing The Right Color For Your Walls

If you are looking for ways to be happier at home, a great place to start is by considering the right color for your walls. When it comes to choosing, you want to consider what you are looking to gain, whether it is energy or simply increased happiness. If you are seeking energy, consider painting a wall, if not all four, either red, orange or purple. Alternatively, for a dose of happiness to liven up your morning, skip the purple hues and turn directly to yellow and green tones. Other paint colors that will make you happier include:

  • Silver Sage
  • Sky Blue
  • Pink
  • Apricot

Tidying Up Could Change Your Life!

There’s no denying that a clutter-free house promotes a clutter-free mind, and so cleaning and organising your home can really improve your happiness. In fact, keeping your home clean and tidy won’t just save you valuable time, it will also help create a more composed atmosphere. Even doing something as small as making your bed when you jump out of it in the morning will significantly help boost your mood. Similarly, drawing back your curtains allowing natural lighting to flood your home will contribute towards your overall happiness from the moment your eyes open.

Moreover, a clean garden also makes for a happier environment. From keeping up the lawn, to keeping your trees maintained, it all helps improve the environment. If you need help with the trees, The Local Tree Experts is a good place to start. Why, you ask? If you’ve already got your hands dirty in the garden, you will know that gardening can be therapeutic, and if cleaning isn’t your thing, we can almost certainly guarantee that you will gain some joy from pottering about outside!

Home Fragrance & Candles

Did you know that certain scents can be very beneficial to our mood and well-being? Now you do! Regardless of whether you want to simply fall asleep faster, or relax your anxiety, lavender, sandalwood and peppermint scents in particular can considerably improve your mood. Moreover, studies suggest that citrus scents, such as lemon, can even reduce food cravings.

Candles especially can be placed around your home, including the garden, to not only immediately change the ambiance of the setting, but to add light to an area without the harshness of an electric light bulb.

When it comes to decorating your home, there is much more to consider than simply the color you think will ‘look nice’. In fact, deciding how to style your home affects more than you might imagine, not forgetting your mood! From placing living plants throughout your home to adjusting your homes lighting and incorporating furniture with rounded edges into the mix, how do you plan to decorate your home and garden to improve your happiness?