August 3rd is an unusual holiday, but really it’s just an excuse to eat one of the best summer fruits of all time. Happy Watermelon Day! I know everyone has different taste preferences and you can never guarantee everyone will like anything, but it sure seems like watermelon is a safe bet when it comes to fruit. Joe is like the pickiest eater ever (and a chef *face palm*) and he will gobble up a whole container of watermelon chunks before I even knew it existed.

Of course watermelon is in season in the summer, but more than that there’s just something so summer-y about it. It’s fun! And I tried to make it even more fun by growing a watermelon with googly eyes instead of seeds. Unfortunately, they’re not edible so you do have to actually spit them out before you swallow each bite, but it’s worth it I swear.

Watermelon Day | Uncustomary

10 Ways To Celebrate Watermelon Day

1. Dress up as a watermelon
2. Watch the episode of “Rugrats” where Angelica tells everyone if you swallow watermelon seeds a watermelon will grow inside your stomach (S02E12 Pt. 2)
3. Carve yourself some watermelon teeth
4. Plant your own watermelon garden and compete in a watermelon competition next year
5. Throw your friends a watermelon party; pink, green, and seeds, oh my!
6. Make yourself this DIY watermelon picnic basket to fill with only watermelon
7. See how many things you can replace the seeds of watermelon with (I got you started with googly eyes…)
8. Bake yourself some watermelon themed treats and desserts
9. Educate yourself with some watermelon trivia, like did you know it’s originally from Africa and is 92% water?
10. Enter a watermelon eating contest

Do you like watermelon and watermelon flavored things? Both, neither, one but not the other?

Photos: Maura Housley