Every year on August 12th, we’re reminded of the way albums were originally introduced into the world… via vinyl records. As much as people hate on it for it being a “hipster” thing to do, I really think it’s great that we’re continuing to keep vinyl alive. There’s a reason we threw cassettes in the trash and are yearning for records. I mean, let’s be real. It sounds and looks better. A CD can’t hold a candle to the aesthetic of a vinyl record, nor the sound it emits when it’s coming off a turn table.

Vinyl Record Day | Uncustomary

10 Ways To Celebrate Vinyl Record Day

1. Patronize your local store and purchase your favorite album on vinyl!
2. Recycle discarded records for DIY projects like clocks, bowls, and coasters
3. Look into the history of the phonograph (turntable), made by Thomas Edison
4. Buy yourself a turntable to actually listen to records on
5. Create a record-inspired art installation
6. Make your own album artwork for a record you’d release
7. Build or buy a record display piece
8. Listen to “You Spin Me Round” by Dead Or Alive, “Spin The Black Circle” by Pearl Jam, or “Big Ten Inch Record” by Aerosmith
9. Record a record of you singing or playing music and release it as an LP
10. Visit the Record Museum in New Jersey

How would you celebrate Vinyl Record Day?

Photo: Maura Housley