I’m going to post about my trip in terms of days, so here is a recap of the second day.
I woke up and Janice made us beautifully shaped fruit (melons!) and purple edible glitter for pancakes. It was delicious. Also, homemade parfaits. It was an ideal breakfast.
Then she showed me surprise number two she had for me which was a bag of stones from Hobby Lobby. She explained that people use rocks to spell out messages and symbols along the side of the road in the salt flats. We were going to be passing the salt flats today and we stopped on the side of the road so I could spell out a word.
I decided on “MAGIC” and I still feel really good about that decision. The salt really sunk in so there’s a lot of foot prints around it, but this was one of my favorite things I did on this trip or in the past few months, honestly.
Then we kept driving to Wendover, Nevada. We saw a train on the way and beautiful mountains all over the place.
Potty break at the last stop for 60 miles. I went ahead and put some googly eyes on the soap dispenser.
We got to Wendover and we ate lunch at the buffet at Rainbow Casino. We also went to Montego Bay and I played the one sent slot machines and won about $3. The themes of the machines are pretty funny and corny. The inside of the casinos are trippy! Janice says it’s on purpose to make you lose focus so you spend more money. My eyes started to hurt after less than an hour. In small doses, like these pictures, though, it’s beautiful and colorful.
We stopped for cheap booze and saw this cowboy, Willie, on the way.
The end of the evening was meeting a group of Janice’s friends at Tea Rose Diner for dinner. It was delicious. I had some really good food out there. I got a really delicious sweet and sour chicken dish. So good. The diner was pretty cute too and her friends were all very nice and inappropriate in a fun way.