First, and I’d like to think most importantly, today I am 24. I haven’t been building this birthday up like I’ve done with every other June 21, but I think that it’s got a lot to do with how I’ve changed my living outlook. For as long as I can remember I plan and plan and plan things and over analyze and organize the crap out of something until it’s not even fun anymore. I also build things up to the point where I end up being disappointed in something in some aspect. In the past months I have almost purposefully not been thinking about things before they happen in an attempt to counteract this thinking and behavior. It’s worked. I’m excited by things because I make myself surprised by them. 🙂 So we’ll see how today turns out without an abnormal amount of planning.

Now, onto the third day of my trip to Utah. In the morning we went to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden, Utah. It was really awesome! It’s a really large space, mostly outdoors, with huge dinosaur sculptures. There were some interactive things to stick our heads in and trails to explore. We also went through the indoor section with the robotic dinosaurs and displays of fossils and gems. Check out these fossils made to look like a weird meal.

I also got to meet Janice’s dog, Hershey who lives with her parents.. who are pretty awesome. Her mom has the best craft room I’ve seen in real life.

And this is probably my favorite part of the trip.. we were driving to Wyoming and I shout out ‘cave’ and Janice stops the car and realizes that was the cave that she stopped at last time she drove through there. We got out of the car and saw the cave but then we laid down on the foot bridge and the sun was really bright and the water was really cold and it was pretty perfect.

Day three was a long and wonderful day. Kind of like how I hope today will be.