We all wear underwear on a day to day basis. This is part of personal hygiene and general comfort. But many of us are guilty of keeping the same pairs of underwear for years on end, as they grow worn down and could really do with replacement. Having a good set of underwear for every occasion really should be considered a basic and an essential. Take a look through your own underwear drawer and if you find you need replacements or have gaps that need to be filled, read on for some top recommendations and suggestions!


Underwear serves the basic purpose of covering you up and also helping you to remain hygienic. But there are countless different styles out there that you can choose from to achieve a certain look, a certain amount of support or a certain level of comfort. Here are some key pieces of underwear you should have in your collection.


Briefs are perhaps the most popular form of underwear. They are full, provide coverage and are comfortable. Of course, there are various designs and styles available. There are cotton briefs, lace briefs, soft and stretchy briefs to reduce pant line and so much more. You can also buy in a variety of colors and patterns, so make sure to stock up on plenty that will give you a lot of choice each morning.


Thongs are a classic underwear staple and are ideal for a more sensual look or to reduce the visibility of your pant line under tighter clothes or thinner materials. Browse cute thongs and find options that are the color and fabric that you like. Some will be more comfortable than others, with cotton thongs tending to be softer than lace.

Cycle Underwear

There are specialist types of underwear that have been specially designed for use while on your period. They are more environmentally friendly than tampons or sanitary towels and offer comfort and convenience. While they might not be for everyone, you should stock up on a couple of pairs if you find that they work for you.


Bras provide support. They can also look great! There are countless designs and they do tend to be a little costly. But if you secure a few, good quality bras, you should be set! Here are just a few types that you might want to add to your collection.

T-Shirt Bra

T-shirt bras are the most common form of bra. They are ideal for wear under a t-shirt, being discreet and providing padding. Some have more padding than others. They are commonly white, nude or black, but you can get other patterns and colors.


Bralettes are small and light, often without any underwiring or padding. They are a comfortable, barely-there form of underwear that are suitable if you don’t need much support. They tend to be crafted from lace, satin or cotton.

Hopefully, the guide above will help you to stock up on the basics and build a fresh new collection of undergarments for daily use!