| Uncustomary

I try to make my products reasonably priced so that my customers can afford them, because I know as soon as I see a high ticket item I definitely push the desire back further in my mind into that “less realistic” category.

That said, I’ve taken ALL my products, services, and courses and put them together for one price, which is slashed in HALF. It’s kind of crazy. The low price is only here until Halloween, and I hope you treat yourself because there is SO MUCH in here that can help you be happy. (There’s a coaching session/Happy Hour that’s basically half the price and you get dozens of more things – including any future e-courses I come out with!!)

If you have already purchased multiple items from me (book, e-course, etc.), send me an e-mail and we can create a custom package for you for a unique price. Let’s work together!

I want to spread the cheer and love. I know the big-ticket price of this bundle is still something that might make you wince, and I never want you to do something that is uncomfortable or unsafe for you financially. Just know that if you’ve been wish listing stuff I offer, this is truly the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Are you ready to learn more about the Uncustomary Premium Package? Come see everything it includes, read reviews, and decide for yourself!