Six years ago, when I started guerrilla art and named myself Uncustomary, I decided it was very important for me to write what I called at that time a “collective”, which I’d like to now refer to as my manifesto. Six years down the road, I thought it was appropriate to update it. It’s surprisingly similar, and if anything, it’s inspiring me to get back to the level of inspiration I had those days. Things felt simpler then, even though I was insanely busier with my job at the psych rehab and college full-time… I was still making time for elaborate art projects, even if they weren’t the most beautiful things ever created. I was proud of them, and I miss it. So this is a peek into what’s in my soul, and a reminder to myself to peek in there more often.

Uncustomary Manifesto | Uncustomary

I am Mary.

On my best days, I am Uncustomary.

I am passionate about happiness, mental health, self-love, body positivity, and color.

I stand for continual non-linear progress, uninhibited enthusiasm, and unconditional equality.

I believe we have an infinite amount to learn from others and the ability to be inspired by anything and everything.

I have the unique ability of being loud, getting heard, and not getting embarrassed.

I have learned that it is important to keep pushing to do things you are proud of, even (and especially) if they are challenging.

I would like to change the world by leaving things behind on purpose that spark insight, curiosity, or exploration.

I would like to improve myself by expanding my passion, hosting elaborate events, and achieve a bigger appreciation for smaller things.

I would like to improve my creativity by consistently making art weekly, putting spins on existing projects, and creating innovative projects that strangers want to seek out.

I need to remember to hold onto my excitement with a fierce grip, not be discouraged by any negative or apathetic feedback, and not customize my work for better/bigger responses.

I’d like to be known in this life for spreading joy, color, and kindness.

I am a powerful force.

This is my Uncustomary Manifesto.


Love + glitter,

Mary England

If you’re an Uncustomary Babe, I made a worksheet in the group you can download where you can basically fill in the blanks to write your own manifesto. I went way off script here, so it’s different from what I wrote in this post, but join the group and get your copy along with 100’s of other digital downloads and resources.

Photo: Maura Housley