Many people have photographs from their weddings, their birthdays, their retirements, their anniversaries, etc., that they would love to turn into paintings. However, a lot of these people don’t know how to go about doing this. Many of these people wonder if it is common for artists to turn pictures into paintings.

The answer is that it is relatively common for artists to turn photographs into paintings. However, It can be difficult to find an artist with enough skill to create a truly beautiful work of art from a picture. However, employs a number of artists who specialize in this work.

The artists at were selected for their ability to accurately capture every detail of a photograph in paint. When their paintings are done, they are so realistic that many people mistake them for actual photographs. It takes an incredible amount of skill to be able to paint with this level of detail and accuracy. It is the remarkable skill that Paint Your Life’s artists possess that is responsible for countless people commissioning custom paintings from the company for many years.

Which Photo to Choose?

Charcoal drawing of couple


For people who want to order a painting from, choosing the right photo is key. This is because the better the photo, the better the painting will be. For this reason, when one is selecting a photo to turn into a painting through, one should choose very carefully.

Photographs that have the highest emotional value and/or beauty tend to work the best. This could be a photo of a couple embracing on a special occasion or at a special location, it could be a picture of a deceased and beloved pet, it could be a family photo, etc. The recipient of the painting should also be carefully considered if one will be giving the painting away as a gift.

So, for example, if a person is commissioning a painting for a teacher, one may want to consider choosing a photo of her at her desk in her school, or teaching a lesson in front of her students. If a person is commissioning a painting for his or her grandparents, he or she may want to consider using a photo from their youth. Regardless of what photo a person chooses to use for the painting, the artists at Paint Your Life will be able to create a special painting from it. But, the more special the photo is, the more special the painting will be.

How to Choose a Paint Your Life Artist for Your Charcoal Drawing of a Couple or Other Work of Art

All of the artists on have their own unique style. For this reason, it is important for anyone who is commissioning a painting from Paint Your Life to choose the artist that he or she likes the best. All of the artists have portfolios on the website which anyone can look at.

In order to view the artist portfolios, one just has to log onto, click “Gallery,” and then click, “Browse by Artist.” When one clicks on Browse by Artist, a dropdown menu will pop down with a full list of all of the artists who paint for Paint Your Life. There are 21 artists in total.

So, in order to find the perfect artist for one’s charcoal drawing of couples, one should spend a little time looking at all of the artists’ portfolios. This will give one a true feel for their work. After checking out all of the artists’ portfolios, most people are able to tell which artist that they like the best. Once the artists is selected, one can inform Paint Your Life which artist he or she would like to use when he or she is commissioning his or her painting. Then, this artist will complete the work.

A Very Quick Process

After a person commissions a painting from Paint Your Life, the process for the work to be completed and delivered is very fast. In fact, it usually happens in just a few weeks. Considering the fact that the work of art that a customer will receive is of exceptional quality, this is extremely quick.

Sometimes, it can take artists months or even years to complete paintings of comparable quality to the ones that Paint Your Life artists complete in days or weeks. Because Paint Your Life paintings can be completed in such a short amount of time, they make for outstanding gifts.

If one has a sister, a brother, a friend, a parent, etc. who he or she needs to find a great gift for for a special occasion, then Paint Your Life paintings are absolutely perfect. Most people are not used to receiving custom paintings based on photographs from their lives. So, when they see them for the first time, it often produces a very special moment.

You can see a great reaction to a Paint Your Life custom painting in the link below.

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