Top Six Tips To Be Truly Happy From Within | Uncustomary

Was there a day in your life when you stood right in front of the mirror and just yelled or hated yourself? Have you ever felt completely disgusted with yourself and aspired to a change? So often, we spend some time being upset about something, wherein we allow our environment or the circumstances to decide for us whether we are truly happy or not. The fact of the matter is we can all live our lives and be happy, and decide that no matter what happens, we will be satisfied. Trust us when we say this if you tell your mind to be happy, nothing can stop you.

Happiness is indeed something that we do on purpose. Even on the days of difficulties or struggle, we must decide to be happy, and we can be. Happiness has got nothing to do with the acquisition of things or money. Happiness truly comes from within each of us. When we are happy with ourselves, we show mercy to ourselves, accept our flaws, be our friends, and love ourselves. You need to understand and acknowledge the fact that happiness is a life-long journey. It involves constant self-examination and a continuous process of making peace with yourself. It also involves discovering what makes you unhappy or what are your stress triggers and making peace with them.

Further, it involves treating yourself with kindness and compassion. The feeling of truly being happy starts with enjoying life and celebrating every moment regardless of the odds. It truly helps to live life to the fullest and make the world a better place for us and everyone.

However, being truly happy can often be the most challenging thing that you will encounter. In some people, this challenge can be pretty tricky to handle, and unfortunately, they allow the sadness to overpower them. Often people endure the challenges while others wish to overcome them but do not know how to overcome them truly. If you want to be happy but cannot feel truly happy with yourself, it is time to change it. So, here, we have come up with some tips and tricks that can help you be truly happy from within.

Do not listen to everything

‘Only you know what is right or wrong for you, and only you can decide what is best for you. Others only know about their imaginings, past experiences, or fears. But your life or future is not the same as everyone else,’ states Jerry, an online tutor who offers law essay writing service.

When you are imagining, be careful

Often we spend a good chunk of our day imagining literally the worst, if not the worst; we keep thinking about what we do not want to happen. Call it stress or worry, or even temporary insanity; it truly comes down to something that is not even real. What you imagine about the future is not real. It is only a figment of your imagination, something that you want to happen or do not wish to happen at all. So when you start imagining negative things, stop immediately.

Forgive yourself

‘Please do yourself a favor and forgive yourself for all the negative thinking. Forgive yourself if you talk without thinking. Forgive yourself if you are ever rude to your parents, friends, siblings, or superiors. Never think negative thoughts about yourself if you make a wrong decision or make a wrong move. This kind of thinking will only shift your focus on the problem, not on the solution. Thus, it always better to say positive things yourself than negative ones. Saying and thinking positive things is a sign that you have forgiven yourself,’ comments Daisy, an instructor who offers civil engineering assignment help services. 

Forgive others

Wish to make peace with anyone who did you wrong? Firstly, make peace with yourself. Now, you need to forgive and forget. This will help you let go of things faster. In all honesty, it is not good to hold grudges and be resentful. Anyone who holds grudges or resents their past incidents often suffer from psychological and cardiac problems. One of the most effective ways to forgive others is by assuming that they did nothing bad to you in the first place.

‘At times, things may not happen as you like, but that is no reason to hold grudges with anyone,’ comments Lola, an educator who works with a platform where you can pay to write research paper.


When you are happy, you smile. But you know what? It is indeed a two-way street. We simple as we are happy, and smiling makes the brain release dopamine, which makes us truly happy. Of course, this does not mean you have to go around wearing a fake or a plastered smile on your face all the time. But, you know what? The next time you feel low, crack open a smile, and you will see a difference. Simply starting every morning by smiling at yourself in the mirror can give you a new high.

Be physically active

Lastly, exercise! Exercise is not only something that you do for your body. It can help lower the feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress and simultaneously boost your happiness and self-esteem.

Trust us when we say this, even a little amount of physical activity can make a remarkable difference. You do not have to scale a cliff or train for a triathlon unless, of course, that makes you truly happy. The idea is not to overexert your mind and body. See, if you have never exercised before and suddenly throw yourself into a strenuous routine, you will only end up being frustrated.

Here are some starter exercises that you can begin with:

  1. Sign up for any beginner classes in tai chi or yoga
  2. Practice meditation at home
  3. Take a walk around the block after dinner.
  4. Begin your day with five minutes of stretching.

Finally, think of all the fun activities you enjoyed once but did not continue for any reason or activities you wished to try but never found the time and strength to do, such as dancing, bowling, or golf. Remember, you only live once. So, if there is anything that gives you happiness, do it.