Top Self-Love Solo Adventures To Enjoy For Your Own Eat, Pray, Love Experience | Uncustomary

Learning to love yourself is an ongoing journey that can be very difficult to begin if you don’t first believe in yourself. Independence and knowing you have the strength to head on out and accomplish all your goals – professional and personal – is a strength that cannot be faked. It can, however, be taught and learned. 

Exploring the world on your own on a solo trip is one great way to do this. It allows you to be independent, gives you a crash course on the world, and above all else, will help you connect with new people in ways you simply won’t if you have the buffer of a friend or partner with you. 

Solo adventures are wonderful, so take inspiration from Eat, Pray, Love and go on one of these top four self-love solo adventures: 

Backpack Around a Continent 

The most traditional way to enjoy the same type of Eat, Pray, Love experience that Julia Roberts enjoys is by backpacking around the world or a continent. It isn’t exactly an option for most people, however, so don’t feel upset if you can only take enough time off to do a city break or go around one country for a week or two instead. 

Enjoy a Solo Road Trip Around a Country 

There are so many great camper rental options out there, some perfect for solo or couple travelers. Opt for the trucker camper or the compact camper, and you will be able to enjoy all the amenities of home on the road. It’s a great way to combine the costs of driving and accommodation and will allow you to stay in some stunning areas (think national parks) along the way. Being able to be on your own with just the open road ahead of you and a future full of possibilities puts you in control, and it allows you to explore your own backyard and make friends on your own schedule. 

Book a Pre-Planned Trip 

If you are terrible at planning trips, then there is no shame in booking one that is already designed and ready to go. They can even turn out to be much cheaper than other options because the trip planner can pass on the group savings on to you. 

Rent a Holiday Home at a Top Location 

Last but not least, if you ever need a break away from it all but don’t have the money or means to get very far, then there is nothing wrong with just heading out of the city and finding a great Airbnb or vacation home to rent and escape to. Go and enjoy the peace of your own company, go on walks, read books, and generally just unwind and learn to enjoy your own company.  

You need to find your own Eat, Pray, Love experience, and you do not need to do it all at once. Make your solo adventures work for your life because that is the only one that you need to focus on right now.