Some might claim that slots and casino games in general are actually more of a male domain. However, this is not entirely true. It is sometimes said that in recent years more women are being found in land-based casinos, but in fact they have always been there – not necessarily as friendly waiters. There is just a slight generational difference and different gaming tactics for women.

Nowadays, it is usually older women who have fun and enjoy slots. However, women were already active in the 90’s and before, so that for example women won poker tournaments. You also see women at slots, but with a slightly different motive than men. When women go to a casino, they always go with a group of friends. Slots don’t require a lot of attention, so it’s easy to exchange the latest gossip and sip a cocktail on the side. Unlike men, women usually don’t get upset when they lose. Rather, they feel sad when they don’t remember that it’s just a game.

Until now, there were relatively few slots that were explicitly designed with women in mind. It was logical to assume that women might not be interested in games featuring overly sexualized female characters. However, the situation changes when attractive male characters take center stage. In recent years, the slot landscape has evolved, offering a more inclusive selection that also caters to women’s preferences.

Nevertheless, there remains a limited number of young women, including Millennials and Generation X, who are drawn to slots. Many perceive slots as inherently risky and opt for MMORPGs instead. Despite these generational differences, one common thread unites female players of all ages: their appreciation for the social aspect of gaming.

To explore gaming options that resonate with women and offer a social gaming experience, you can visit Richard Casino Australia for an array of engaging slots and alternatives to traditional casino games. And now, without further ado, here are the top 7 slots for women as a delightful alternative.

Dirty Martini

Women like to enjoy a few cocktails with their girlfriends, so this slot is more than fitting. The Dirty Martini slot from Real Time Gaming is just as vintage as the cocktail itself with classic slot symbols like fruit. They are joined by cocktails, beer, whisky and the Bovada coin as a scatter. With three scatter symbols you get 15 Free Spins and provided you land three scatter symbols again during the Free Spins, you get another 15 Free Spins. The shaker is the wild and gives you a whole €10,000 if you land 5 shakers on the reels. A progressive jackpot is also activated at random.

Fixer Upper

Most women love to take things into their own hands, and that also applies to a few beautification projects at home. At least Sonja Kraus set an example for this in her time. In Fixer Upper by Rival Gaming, the symbols revolve around DIY with a stapler, hammer, saw and whatever else you need. A red spanner serves as the scatter, of which you need three to activate the bonus game. Here you first have to paint a wall, then lay pipes and finally chase vermin from the property. Depending on how well you did, you receive a bonus prize. 5 Wilds (ladders) give you a jackpot of 888 coins.

Shopping Spree

What do women particularly like to do? That’s right, they like to shop. That’s why Real Time Gaming developed Shopping Spree with matching symbols of designer bags, fabulous shoes, make-up and bouquets of flowers. The diamond ring is the wild and, if you choose the maximum bet and land 5 diamond rings, can give you a jackpot of €100,000. With three cash symbols as scatters, you get 360 coins. If you land 3 mystery bags, the bonus round is activated, where you have to tap on boxes to win a prize on top. There is now a second part of Shopping Spree.


With Starburst, the game developers from NetEnt have landed an absolute hit. Against a galactic background, colourful sparkling jewels can be found on 5 reels with 3 rows. The rainbow-coloured star is the wild of this slot, which expands to cover the entire reel on which it appears. This is followed by a re-spin where the wilds stay where they were. When a new wild appears, it too will expand and the remaining reels will receive a re-spin. Up to two Starburst Wilds can appear on the re-spins, so there is a maximum of 3 respins in total.

Butterfly Staxx

Also from NetEnt is the visually very appealing and simple Butterfly Staxx. The wild is represented by a delightfully colourful flower and there are butterfly spins. When you land stacked butterflies on a reel, they fly to the leftmost reel and a re-spin is activated. The re-spins only end when no more butterflies appear. The lotus flower gives you between 5 and 7 free spins, depending on how many you land.

Pink Panther

Playtech has transformed the pink panther into a slot that is always ready for a surprise. As symbols we find typical letters, a magnifying glass, bomb, a bucket and other funny fellows. There is also a wild, scatter and a progressive jackpot, but everything happens randomly in this slot. The Pink Panther randomly turns symbols into Wilds or surprises you with spontaneous instant wins.

Girls with guns

Sometimes you just have to be your own woman, which is what Girls with guns by Microgaming represents. By the way, there are now two parts of Girls with Guns: Girls with guns jungle heat and Girls with guns frozen dawn. Wilds await you in both slots, but in the jungle heat version they are stacked and you always get a reel full of wilds during the free spins. In the frozen dawn version, you have a magnetic wild that moves from its fifth reel to the first and stays there for your remaining spins to improve your chances of winning. There is also a frozen wild that stays in place for the next three spins. The satellite is the scatter and gives you 12 Free Spins if you land three of them.

The features of the slots at a glance

In conclusion, slots and casino games are not exclusive to any gender. While some might assume that these games primarily attract a male audience, women have always been a part of the casino scene, often approaching gaming with their unique style and perspective. In recent years, older women, in particular, have embraced the joy of playing slots. However, women of different generations engage in gaming for various reasons.

For many women, a visit to the casino is a social occasion, enjoyed in the company of friends. Slots, with their simple gameplay, provide an ideal backdrop for lively conversations and the occasional cocktail. Unlike some male players, women tend to take losses in stride, recognizing that it’s all part of the game.

In the past, there were relatively few slots designed explicitly with women in mind. Games featuring scantily clad women held little appeal for female players. However, the landscape has evolved, with more slots catering to diverse tastes. Still, younger women, including Millennials and Generation X, remain cautious about slots, perceiving them as riskier compared to other gaming options like MMORPGs.

Across generations, one common thread unites female players: a love for the social aspect of gaming. These slots offer an alternative gaming experience for women, catering to various preferences and providing opportunities for engaging with fellow players in a social atmosphere.