Top 10 Tips On How To Start A Culinary Arts YouTube Channel | Uncustomary

The time has arrived. You’ve heard over and over that video content is the way to go, so you’ve decided to start your own YouTube food channel.

As a food blogger, you must constantly broaden your brand and come up with new ways to share your ideas. What better way to bring them to life than through video? However, before you waste your tax deduction on specialized gear and software, read these 10 tips to help you become the best YouTuber you can be.

1. Scheduling

The YouTube algorithm favors creators who post often and regularly. Choose a release day that you’re happy with and stick to it. Remember that it’s easier to put out one great weekly video rather than a slew of them just to increase your production.

Remind your subscribers of your channel’s schedule orally in your videos and provide the information on your channel art to keep them informed. If you don’t want to commit to a specific day, at the very least state that you’ll publish new content once a week. (Because you’re going to, right?)

2. Finding a Niche

Top 10 Tips On How To Start A Culinary Arts YouTube Channel | Uncustomary

When people know they’ll find a certain form of content on a channel, they’re more likely to return. Decide on the main topic of your videos from the beginning to help your channel develop faster. Baking, budget cooking, keto, family recipes… the possibilities are endless. A niche may also refer to your content’s sound. You might, for example, introduce humor into any video or be the channel that combines scientific discussion with gluten-free recipes.

You could consider buying specific products for review, in a bid to gain the attention of manufacturers. For instance, if you buy custom sachet packaging for food storage needs, why not review the product while you’re at it. Chances are one or more manufacturers of these products will reach out for a partnership.

3. Keep Your Purchase Essential

Top 10 Tips On How To Start A Culinary Arts YouTube Channel | Uncustomary

Sure, you’ll need to create high-quality videos and audio. However, purchasing the most up-to-date equipment does not guarantee getting a lot of YouTube video shares and likes. For the first few months, use what you have or borrow a friend’s camera. If you stick with it, you will gradually upgrade your facilities.

4. Make Your Content Appetite Appealing

Top 10 Tips On How To Start A Culinary Arts YouTube Channel | Uncustomary

Make each shot as delicious as possible. Take the time to plan out the video so that each section is visually appealing: use nice pots and pans, adjust the lighting, and keep the filming area clean. When people watch your recipes being prepared, you want their mouths to water! You should also devote time to creating attractive channel art that clearly identifies your channel as a food channel.

5. Social Media Strategies

Top 10 Tips On How To Start A Culinary Arts YouTube Channel | Uncustomary

The job isn’t over just because the filming is over. To make a deliciously welcoming thumbnail for each video, you’ll need a few photos. You can still take a dedicated photo for your Instagram and my Facebook profile in addition to the thumbnail. If you’re going to use the videos in a blog post, please ensure you have plenty of photos to use in the post and create a vertical visual that can be pinned on Pinterest.

6. Have a Global Mindset

While YouTube connects the globe, not everyone cooks in the same way! Share measurements in both imperial and metric to help your channel draw viewers from all over the world. If you’re from Canada, for example, and you use local ingredients like maple syrup, curd cheese, or Saskatoon berries, recommend a replacement that non-Canadians might use instead.

7. Following the Trends

Top 10 Tips On How To Start A Culinary Arts YouTube Channel | Uncustomary

It’s important to have ideas that are motivated by what people are looking for, just as it is in the blogosphere. So, pay attention to the seasons and be motivated by what’s new and exciting. You can also participate in the fun by watching YouTube trending videos. You might, for instance, request that your partner or a sibling do the voice-over for one of your videos in a funny manner.

8. Maintain a Series of Thoughts

A week of themed recipes is a perfect way to get new subscribers and draw attention to your channel. An all-vegan week, cooking & dining with the fam week, a 7-day empty-the-fridge campaign, or something else that encourages you are all possibilities. This encourages viewers to check out your channel daily, which YouTube likes to reward with higher rankings (and thus more eyes on your content).

9. Getting Personal

Top 10 Tips On How To Start A Culinary Arts YouTube Channel | Uncustomary

The relationship that creators form with their viewers is one of the factors why YouTube is so successful. So put your face in the videos, invite people to leave ideas and suggestions, and read and respond to the feedback you get. It’s critical to build a vibrant community around your channel if you want it to expand.

10. SEO and Data

You should always use the right keywords in the title, explanation, and tags of your videos. Consider these three factors to be your SEO rocket boosters. Youtube analytics can also provide valuable information on how people interact with your content. Use this data to improve your videos and make them more relevant to your subscribers than ever before. 

Branding and Money(Bonus Point)

If you’re going to put effort into great vlog material, you should also put effort into branding your vlog channel. Consider having a personalized logo and a channel banner for your videos. 

In the case that you’re serious about vlogging, you should consider how to make money from it. Vlogging can be used to earn money in a variety of ways. All of them begin by creating excellent content. People won’t start throwing money at you until you have a target audience.


Building a good vlog takes time, patience, and determination, just like anything worthwhile. So, one vlog at a time, please. Begin with an awesome first video that introduces yourself and your vlog, and work your way up from there, taking cues from your most famous videos and evolving with the tastes of your audience.