Nowadays it seems like more and more people are aiming to transform their garden into a perfect sanctuary. No wonder, considering the amount of stress and problems people have to face each day. Everyone wants to find the best way to relax and recharge their batteries at the end of the day. Designers inform us that a lot of people are asking them to create meditative spaces. People are finally starting to think about their mental health and appreciating the benefits of spending time in nature.

Creating a garden sanctuary is one of the most efficient ways of reconnecting with nature. Spending time in nature can help prevent diseases, eliminate stress and anxiety and improve your metabolism. Here are just a few tips and tricks that you can utilize to create the perfect garden sanctuary.

Make It Private

Most people don’t appreciate the idea of being disturbed while trying to relax and meditate. A garden sanctuary should be a private space where you have a few moments of peace on your own. Considering those aspects, you might want to place your garden sanctuary not too close to your neighbors or the main road. Traffic and people who pass by can also be a distraction from your zen time. Experts advise us to think of a sense of safety and enclosure. At the same time, try to preserve the idea of nature. Opt for a chair or a comfortable bench that’s surrounded by plants and trees. If you wish to block the exterior sounds you could purchase a few wind chimes.

Make It Personal

Another important aspect when it comes to creating the perfect garden sanctuary is creating a unique and personal space. Use your creativity and think about your needs. The concept of a sanctuary is a very personal space that gives you the opportunity to forget about problems, eliminate stress and reconnect with nature. Think of a place in the world where you feel the safest. Then try to make a plan and transform that into reality. A lot of people associate the idea of tranquility with water. For example, having a water source and underwater pond lights in your garden could play an important role for your overall well-being. Garden lighting provides a sense of safety and sets the atmosphere at night.   

Engage Nature

There’s nothing better than being able to enjoy the sound of chirping birds while you take a few moments off of your busy day. A good way of encouraging birds and other animals to visit your garden is by planting as much greenery as possible. There are certain flowers and plants that attract birds and butterflies. Some other strategies that are equally effective include planting aromatic plants. Another great way of transforming your garden into a sanctuary consists of designing a path made of grass, wood and stone. Your feet will definitely appreciate that idea. If you wish to integrate some color, soft grey, green and pinks are the most therapeutic shades. A good thing to keep in mind when planting flowers is that by choosing plants that are native to your area you can reconnect with the past and relieve stress.

Use your outdoor sanctuary as a way of reconnecting with nature and the other forces of the world. This connection will make you healthier from all points of view.