The idea of shifting your kids to an independent space after a certain age is a wise decision. Kids get to explore their interests, creativity, and it helps in all overall development. 

Innovative changes here and there will make room for your kids, which is both fun and functional. Let’s see how.

Assigning the walls

Make a rough sketch in your mind and assign a dedicated area to all the room walls. For example, consider an activity area in front of the windows; the bed can be placed in a shady spot and decide the storage side of the room.

Playful walls

It’s possible to paint the walls according to the interests of your child. But sooner or later, the child will outgrow his favorite things.

Make the kid’s room future-proof and try removable large, vibrant wallpapers. Suppose the kid is into dinosaurs, science, or fairyland; give the room the desired look.

Try a lego wall on one side; this would be fun and easy to install. A world map on the wall will be so informative. Adaptive wall climbing would also be another fun option. A dedicated play area.

Tips For Creating Fun And Functional Room For Kids | Uncustomary

There should be a subtle boundary between study, play, and bed. A dedicated play area can have all the toys and games. Place a hopscotch-themed rug, which is reversible and stain-proof. You can take ideas from here for kids’ playroom wall decor.

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Install a chalkboard

Let your child dive into imagination and explore himself. Install a chalkboard in the free wall or on a stand in the room. 


Tips For Creating Fun And Functional Room For Kids | Uncustomary

If you do everything for your child, the less they will learn. Put labels on toys, games, creativity baskets. Let them put all the things in the assigned baskets.

It will incorporate habits of cleanliness and organization—for example, place organizers according to their height. 

Study area

There must be a perfect spot for learning things and reading, the study area. It must be equipped with good lighting and a conformable adjustable chair.

Vertical storage

Vertical storage does wonder when you have less space. Hang shelves on the walls. Make a library over the study table by hanging a book organizer.

The Vertical organizers for all the stuff of kids. Place some plants, and ask your kid to water them regularly.


If your kids are sharing a room, bunker beds are a good option. Children love bunker beds. Make this area a very comfortable, cozy one, where you can do all the storytelling.

Final Words

Give your children a say while planning the perfect room for them. Keep the kid’s room simple, informative, exploring, fun, and full of comfort.