On Monday I went to Lowe’s and raided their paint chip section.

Free paint swatches are one of the greatest things about living in America. I’m sure the paint companies don’t make them with the intent of me taking 100 at a time but it evens out, I’m sure.

I wasn’t sure what I intended doing with them when I scooped them up but I did know that I needed them. Last night I decided to take all of the Valspar brand swatches and write a whimsical activity on each that I like to do when I’m feeling down or need a pick me up.
Then I hole punched the cards and slid a key ring through them. Here are some pictures of the finished product, the list of ideas, and some pictures of me doing the activities:

+ explore a dead end

+ a photo you find inspiring

+ write a letter

+ make a snow, carpet, sand angel

+ twirl

+ play with sidewalk chalk

+ dance somewhere

+ have a picnic

+ take pictures in a photobooth

+ wear a tutu (and bold lipstick)

+ make a list that requires thinking & creativity

+ dress up (costumes, fancy clothes, whatever)

+ knit something simple and lovely

+ create something with glitter

+ go on a drive with the windows down

+ make paper snowflakes

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen done with paint swatches?