Three Ways Studying Abroad Helps You Grow As A Person | Uncustomary

Each semester, thousands of students pack up their bags, say goodbye to mum and dad, and head off on the adventure of a lifetime. Studying abroad can be a scary prospect for a young student looking to head out into the world on their own for the first time, but it’s also a very organised, structured and educational adventure. 

Studying abroad is so much more than attending classes, writing essays and revising for exams. In fact, often, what happens outside of the classroom during a study abroad experience are the things that will have the most impact on a student’s life. Students are able to gain memorable first-hand experiences that will help them learn about a new culture in a completely different way to how they are used to. And many students return home with an entirely different view of the world and where they belong in it. Here are some of the main ways studying abroad will change you for the better. 

#1. Independence:

While most students start to live away from their parents and family home as university freshers, for many there’s still a security net in place. Mum and dad are usually still there as a backup if things go wrong, like credit card balances starting to dwindle, or when new study equipment is needed. But, when a student boards a plane to study abroad, they have to leave most of that security back home. Although technology has eliminated many of the barriers of the past – parents can use PayPal to send money to your overseas bank account, for example – there are still cultural differences and time zone differences that can get in the way. So, students are more likely to try and solve problems on their own. 

Living abroad in somewhere like the student accommodation in Portugal by Collegiate AC will provide you with everything that you need for a comfortable student life, while providing you with several opportunities to practice your growing independence. 

#2. Confidence:

In addition to becoming more independent, students who study abroad also tend to be far more confident. A shy student who used to sit at the back of the classroom during language classes may become confidently fluent thanks to regular communication with a host family or friends from class. Or, a student who always struggled with exams might start to get better grades with hands-on lessons that help him retain more information and perform better under pressure. Living and learning in another country can be a great way to reduce insecurities by revealing a student’s strengths to them. 

#3. Passion for Learning:

Most study abroad students tend to learn more – after all, that’s the reason to go to university! But, for many students, the reasons for learning aren’t always genuine – some may be genuinely curious, while others are pressured by parents or feel that it’s the only way to get the career they want. As a result, many students lack a passion for learning. But the good news is that study abroad is beginning to change that; students are beginning to see that learning can be done pretty much anywhere and does not need to be measured by an exam score or paper grade. 

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