Three Steps To The Perfect Selfie

Three Steps To The Perfect Selfie

Selfies are as pervasive as cat videos these days, and it’s a good thing! By taking a selfie we are declaring our space and importance in the world. We can document our moment in this space however we want to, wherever we want to. We can wear whatever we want, make whatever expression we want, and post it wherever we want! Selfies aren’t self-centered, they’re an act of self-love! I get messages from women every week who want to take pictures of themselves, but don’t feel comfortable doing so yet. So here are some tips for taking a selfie!

Have The Right Camera

While you can use a high-quality camera for your selfies, most people just opt to snap them with their phones for convenience. An Apple iPhone 6s is a great place to start. Its selfie camera is 5 megapixels — almost three times the strength of the iPhone 6 — making for clearer and crisper photos. The biggest perk is that you can now use a “flash” of sorts. When you enable the flash and take a selfie, the screen will flash brightly during the photo, momentarily lighting up your face. This is perfect for taking pictures in darker areas, or if the lighting is just not optimal. You can also take HDR photos on this camera, increasing the amount of light the lens takes in, and live photos, which capture a few seconds of video along with a still image.

Find Your Light

Bad lighting is one of the easiest and most common ways to ruin a selfie. Shadows or a washed out look will likely have the effect of you looking different than you want to portray. As a general rule, indirect natural lighting is universally awesome. I can’t tell you how great it has been to work with a professional photographer on a regular basis and learn little tips about reflection and direction of light! So if you’re indoors, open some blinds and let the sun trickle in. Outdoor photos can be a bit trickier. Partly cloudy days are the ultimate selfie filter, but you can still get a great shot in other weather. If it’s sunny, try putting the sun directly behind you. It should create a halo around your head and still give great light on your face. No matter where you are or what the weather is, you can guarantee perfect lighting with a selfie case like LuMee. It gives you controllable front-facing light to make you look perfect every time.

Work Your Angles

There are subtle angles that will greatly improve your look in selfies, but it’s a good rule of thumb to stay away from the extremes. An easy tip is to point your chin slightly downward, and hold the camera slightly above eye level. This will help you avoid looking like you’re taking a mugshot. Take some time to experiment.; slight tilts and turns of your face can help you feel more confident.

The next time you pick up your phone to snap a picture, feel assured that you will look awesome. Once you have a strong phone camera, just find your light and strike a pose. You will be taking amazing pictures in no time. And don’t forget there are always filters you can use on those days you’re still not feeling your best. No matter the situation, you should feel confident to use that front-facing camera and show the world what you’re up to.