Thinking Of You | Uncustomary

Can I hit you later?
‘Cause it’s my jam.
Rollin’ in my beat up,
Gold Trans Am.

Sorry, I can’t hear you,
And I got plans.
You won’t get me naked,
You had your chance.

I know I said I wouldn’t,
Talk about you publicly but,
That was before I caught you,
Lyin’ and cheating on me, slut!

I was down for you hardcore,
While you were out trying to score,
Found out you’re full of it,
I’m over it, so suck my dick.

I heard our song on the radio,
And I see your face everywhere I go,
I thought I’d call just to let you know,
I’ve been thinking of you,
Thinking of you.

Can I hit you later?
Gotta get to stage,
In a brand new city,
Gettin’ laid.

But now my song’s on the radio,
And you see my face everywhere you go,
I thought I’d call just to let you know.

[When Kesha knows what’s up and you just copy and paste her song into a blog post because sometimes your blog is for yourself and not other people.]

Photo: Maura Housley