Moving can be unbelievably stressful. You have to pack up everything that you own and move on a specific date at a specific time. You need to worry about how to wrap up fragile items and whether anything will break en route to your new home. Then, of course, there’s the question of what to do with all your things if you are moving to a smaller place. There are so many ways to be stressed during a move, but follow this guide, and you can enjoy a stress-free experience:

Minimize What You Own

Start minimizing what you own when you first decide that you want to or need to move. Take a weekend to go through all of your closets and de-clutter. Its quick to declutter your home easily, but have a plan when you tackle it. With your bathroom it is even easier.  Donate, recycle, sell, or throw away all of the items that you don’t use and don’t actually value. If you haven’t touched something in several years, it is time to go. If it has value, sell it on any online marketplace to make some extra cash.

The higher your standards for what stays, the better. The end goal is only to keep the items you truly value and use. Once you have discarded all the extra, you will be ready to pack up and move. It is important to note, however, that unless you place that same high standard to the things you buy, you can easily amass a lot of things you don’t need again and again. The goal to living minimally is to really consider what you are buying before you make the purchase. Master this art, and you will be able to save money and live better.

Hire Professionals

Moving, of course, comes with a lot of stress. To start it is physically exhausting, and if you have a lot to pack up this could easily take days if not weeks to do by yourself. Then there’s the worry about whether the things you pack will break, and how safe they will be during transit, and so on. That is why if you truly want a stress-free move you will forgo attempting to move everything yourself and instead hire professional Orlando movers to do the job for you. You can either forgo packing entirely and have them pack up and move your belongings for you, or you can opt for their do-it-yourself option and have them move your belongings to your new home. Either way, having professionals behind you can make the move a much simpler process.

Have A First-Night Box

If you have opted just to hire professionals to transport your belongings, you will need to be smart about how you pack. This means labeling the boxes with everything that is inside them and, more importantly, pack your first-night box. This will contain things like your bedding, towels, and some basic kitchen tools. The point of this box is to give you everything that you need to be comfortable for the first night you move in, because chances are you won’t get to unpacking every box right away.

Have A Move-In Party

While you shouldn’t have a rave, it can be very beneficial to invite a few close friends over to your new place to enjoy a take-out meal and to generally just share a few laughs together. Moving into a new place by yourself can be unnerving, and by having your friends visit you on the first night, you can start to feel at home in your new place faster.

Settle In

Settling in will take time, but be patient and use the belongings you have now to decorate and to make your space yours. When it comes to settling in, decorating your new place with the things that you already own will go a long way. Don’t rush to get a bunch of new things without first taking some time to consider what it is that your new place really needs. Wait and be patient, and not only can you find the best new pieces for your place, you can also save money.  

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. By taking away the stressful parts of moving from the equation, you can instead enjoy the experience for what it is: a fresh start. Spring clean your belongings and try to edit back what you own so that you only keep what you truly value, and make the moving process simpler. From there it’s all a matter of getting settled in and feeling comfortable, so bring your friends over and decorate your new place with all your best memories.