Last month I discovered The Society For Exploratory Research via Keri Smith’s exhibit for Urban Play. That whole project is a wonder in its own and I think you should check it out (or go! if you near in Denmark).

When I went to their website I joined the subscription list and they send out ‘assignments’ periodically via e-mail. The first one that I got read:

1. Take a walk in your neighborhood.
2. Pay attention to the color white.
3. Make a list of things you find.

So last night I went on a walk with my dad down to the park in our neighborhood and took some pictures of white things that I saw. I figured that was better than writing a list because now I have visuals. Here are some of the things I found.

a soccer goal

a home plate in a baseball field
a piece of fuzz in my neighbor’s grass
a dirty white net and backboard of the basketball hoop
a shell I peeked at through a fence
a rocking horse on the playground
a lost baseball in a field of clovers
a cool rusty looking lantern in someone’s backyard
a white mailbox down the street
Other things I saw: + small white flowers in the front yards of everyone on my street + the pitcher’s mound + a mushroom patch + a (huge) dead moth + garage door behind a locked gate + door with red graffiti + lamp post + lawn chairs + picket fence

It was nice to observe a specific color outside, especially one that I don’t look for very often.