Something that is important and beneficial to the yarn bombing community and knitters in general is having local resources for supplies and new techniques. I am very lucky to have multiple resources for these things so close to me. The closest location is a place called The Knitting Boutique which is located in Glen Burnie, MD (very close to the BWI airport). 

The Knitting Boutique opened in September 2011. The owner, Dianna, created her store based on a large group of interviews she conducted in January 2011. The interviewees were fellow knitters and/or crocheters, and each discussed their preferences for an ideal working environment as well as what their individual interests are.
As far as the aesthetic environment, the interviewees were given options such as antique-y, rustic, and fluffy/cozy to choose from. The fluffy/cozy theme won by a landslide. When you enter the shop you’re surrounded by comfy chairs, spaces to work, and light wood structures and white lighting which makes the yarn pop and stay true to its color. They have also utilized a lot of window space for natural lighting.

Another thing that The Knitting Boutique offers is extensive support through classes. While I was visiting, there was a class running to create a Neckdown V Neck Cardigan and there was also a small group of women working on individual projects in the store. Classes are offered every day of the week that the shop is open and there’s a great selection of projects you can learn as well as basic (and advanced) techniques.

Since I’m so interested in yarn bombing I asked Dianna if she ever used knitting in an alternative way. Dianna hasn’t participated in yarn bombing herself but she was very interested in the topic! She also shared that when she was conducting her interviews last year she met a woman who was able to knit with any materials (like cassette tape!).

Dianna has been knitting for the last 8 or 9 years. Right now her favorite yarn is Eco Duo. I touched it and it’s incredibly soft and undyed! Dianna is incredibly sweet and a delight to talk to. Her kindness and charisma have undoubtedly contributed to the success of this store.

There are lots of finished products displayed throughout the store as well!

The Knitting Boutique has a lot of events in addition to their weekly classes. They have three famous knitters scheduled to come to their store in the next month as well as a trunk show on April 13. Something else that’s coming up is the Metro Yarn Crawl! It runs from April 14-22 and you if you go to 7 out of the 10 shops in the Maryland, Virginia area during that week you can enter for a prize. You also get 20% off your purchases at the participating stores. Click here for more info on it! I bought my tote bag and I’m going to try to participate!

Thanks to Dianna for letting me take a bunch of pictures and being so nice by answering all of my questions. You can also like them on Facebook. If you’re in the area, you should definitely stop in!