finish this book

Finish This Book: Progress 5

I haven’t checked in about Finish This Book in a while. I think that’s because I was turned off by the statement in the book that I shouldn’t share my findings until I was finished. But guess what? If I’ve learned anything from the author, who wrote that, it’s that I don’t have to play by the […]

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30 Pages Of Progress In Finish This Book

One of my goals for this summer was to complete thirty pages in Finish This Book. I figured it was a good time to make a dent in it, since my goal for the year is to finish it completely. My deadline for these summer goals is September 22 (first day of Autumn), and as of […]

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Finish This Book: Progress 4

One of my next assignments in Finish This Book was to research neurobics. I really like the idea of increasing our brain activity and power by doing relatively simple things. Do the same thing, but with your non dominant hand. That simple. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ruts and feeling like I’m on […]

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