Welcome back to another episode of Supersonic Self-Love. Today we are going to talk about the important practice Mindfulness. I’m going to give you some scientific facts about the effectiveness of mindfulness, the history and origin of it, different ways to practice mindfulness, resources available to you for making it accessible in your daily life, the benefits it can have for you, and the importance of continuing to show up for mindfulness over and over again.

Your homework assignments:

  • Do a meditation for at least 5 minutes. You can find a ton on YouTube and Spotify or my Membership group.
  • Check out my list of 50 Ways To Live In The Moment and practice mindfulness in one additional way, it doesn’t have to be from that list, but you can use it as inspiration
  • And if you haven’t already signed up for my free Mindfulness e-course, now is a great time! You get a new e-mail/lesson every day. Or if you’re anxious to get all the lessons at once, you can buy it for $3 in my classroom.

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50 Ways To Live In The Moment

Free Mindfulness E-Course

Photography: Maura Housley
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