Welcome back to the fifth episode of Supersonic Self-Love! We’re often told the magic only happens outside our comfort zones, but that’s not true! Today I’m going to be talking about why we love what’s familiar, the benefits of cultivating a safe comfort zone, the opportunities we get when we step outside of it, and working through emotional blockages around being scared of change.

Your homework assignments are to:

  1. Do the tapping at the end of the video about being scared of change and leaving your comfort zone (and write down anything that comes up for you during it).
  2. Go through the two blog posts on Ways To Change Up Your Routine and Ways To Leave Your Comfort Zone and pick one thing you can implement this week.
  3. Download the PDF of 35 Things To Put In Your Self-Care Tool Kit and start putting together your own tool kit that you can use inside your comfort zone.

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50 Ways To Change Up Your Routine

50 Ways To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

One Month Intensive Self-Love Workshop

35 Things To Add To Your Self-Care Kit!


Photography: Maura Housley
Design: Joe Dissolvo
Affirmations: Gabby Bernstein