Welcome back to the fourth episode of Supersonic Self-Love! We all want to be happy, but so often, we don’t even take the time out to figure out what happiness means to us, because our definition of happiness (just like our personal definition of success), is different than anyone else’s.

Today I’m talking about creating your own reality, making things happen in the now, and highlighting ten mistakes people make when trying to be happy on their journey of self-love. Often we need to unlearn things before we’re ready to learn new healthy habits, and that’s what we’re focusing on today! And I even give you a free Tarot reading!

Be sure to check out the downloads below which include a free printable of the 10 Commandments Of Happiness, as well as a free worksheet to do some introspective journaling on What Happiness Means To You (your homework assignment for this week). Remember, if you’re a member of the Uncustomary Babes Membership Group, you don’t have to download these, they’re already in the Facebook Group and Teachable Hub!

10 Commandments Of Happiness

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Photography: Maura Housley
Design: Joe Dissolvo
Affirmations: Louise Hay