Welcome back to Supersonic Self-Love! Today, I’m going to be talking about making and keeping New Year’s Resolutions and goals in general. It’s that time of year when people are hustling to make resolutions, and the new year can be a really inspiring blank slate, but you never have to make a goal out of obligation. In fact, you are less likely to keep it if you do!

Today I talk about ways to make a goal that is more likely to last, the importance of vocabulary, how to make goals specific and measurable, how to envision your goals, how to educate yourself on your goals, letting it be okay to start small while also letting your dreams be so big they scare you, creating a reward system, and staying present.

For some other tips like how to reflect on the past year with gratitude, positivity, and understanding before moving into 2020, join me for a Live Event on December 23rd at 3 PM in the Uncustomary Babes Group! There will be a replay available afterwards. I’ll also have affirmations for reflection, affirmations for goal setting and manifesting, tons of journaling prompts, worksheets, a live EFT/Tapping, and additional topics like:

  • How to eliminate deprivation
  • Accountability
  • Choosing one word or a theme for the year
  • Creating a goal-friendly environment
  • Ditching perfectionism
  • Abundance tips including wallet Feng Shui
  • And more!

You can join the Uncustomary Babes now for a yearly membership and save 15% off your entire membership, or join as a monthly subscriber, depending on what best suits your needs! This video will be saved in the archives for whenever you’re ready to join, but I hope you can join us live!

Looking to make goals for 2020? Looking to step up your self-love game? Looking for amazing resources on personal development? Looking for a supportive community who treasures all these things? The Uncustomary Babes Group is the place to be!

Your homework for this episode is to:

1) Think about what goal you want to focus on in 2020, really focus on your why, and write it down using the tips I gave in this episode
2) Make a vision board however you choose to do so
3) Make a plan for how you’re going to accomplish your goals specifically (monthly/weekly/daily)

Goal Reward Chart!

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