So five days ago I made a list of things I wanted to have accomplished by today and I did a good number of them. 🙂

+ I did actually finish my tree sweater but it’s not good enough to photograph. I messed up on a few areas of the project but I figured that not only does it not really matter if the project is perfect (because it’s going onto a tree and into the elements) but I can make up my own pattern for something like this and I don’t need to follow a pre-made design so strictly.

+ Speaking of yarn bombing, I met someone named Riley who I’ve been exchanging mail with for a couple years now. She also lives in Maryland and I hung out with her and her friend Cassidy in downtown Annapolis where we sat in a jewelry store, drank wine, and knitted for a few hours. It was awesome!


+ I didn’t actually map out where I am going to install projects in Baltimore but Riley, Cassidy, and I brainstormed ideas for Annapolis and I worked on making this strip to weave through a chain link fence:

+ I mailed back my Amazon package for a return/refund on an unneeded purchase and also I sent a small care package to my pen-pal Toni in Virginia which she already received and enjoyed!

+ I’ve made a good list of things that I want to include in my time capsule and I have asked three people to write me letters that I will include in my box and will not read until I open it  up in six years. Here’s the box that I selected to use:

+ I filed all of my incoming mail in terms of envelopes, letters, etc. Here is where I keep all things from my pen-pals, each person has their own folder:

+ I finished organizing my school bag and binders. I have a lot of reading and homework to do this semester but I’m ready to tackle it head on and end my undergrad career with a bang. 🙂 I’ve got everything printed and hole punched and filed in this black backpack (cat hair a la Bug):

I feel pretty good about my goal list from this past week, I should do this more often! Today I bought some cheap shirts at Old Navy and started my making my valentines.