I really don’t like shopping malls that much anymore. I love the idea of stores being super close together for convenience but the problem is what stores I have to choose from in a mall. I was thinking about what I would want next to each other to create the ultimate one-stop place and here is what I came up with:

+ Paper Source — There aren’t very many of these in the US. A couple years ago one opened up down the street from my job and I love having it so close. If you have one near you and haven’t been you should stop by! It’s pretty pricey but they really do have some lovely items.

+ Value Village — I’ve mentioned this as my favorite thrift store before and I stand by that statement. I’ve noticed a lot of people recently commenting that they got such and such from their Value Village and it’s so fun that everyone’s having similar thrifting experiences!

Stores In My Ideal Mall | Uncustomary Art

+ Hampden Junque — This is one of my favorite places in Hampden (Baltimore). It’s a small store with an assortment of wonderful clutter. Postcards, pins, nic nacs, records, ephemera, salt and pepper shakers, jewelry, wonder.

+ Target — I only add this to my list because it would have any item that I couldn’t find elsewhere (and for cheap!)

+ Atomic Books — another place in the Hampden neighborhood. It has magazines, comics, stationery, postcards, graphic novels, craft books, and zines by local artists. This is also the first place I ever saw MOO business cards.

+ Mary Martin’s Postcard Store — I remember a few years ago when I saw an article on the Postcrossing blog about “the world’s largest postcard store” and I was so excited. I immediately googled the place and I had to verify the location at least three times before I squealed. MARYLAND?!? It’s in Perryville, MD. About an hour away from my house. I’ve been there three times since then. The family who runs it is very nice and they have boxes and boxes of unused postcards for 25 cents each. They also run a bunch of postcard meet ups and shows around the country.

+ M&J Trimming — I’ve only been here once, it was in New York two years ago. Walls of buttons? Yes. Such beautiful, detailed, and colorful buttons. They also have ribbon and other trimmings!

+ Photo Scraps Store — This is a pretty cool scrapbooking store in Sykesville, MD. They have some really cute stickers, ribbon, paper, and stationery.

+ Tiny Things Are Cute — I realize that this is an online shop, but this is an ideal situation and I want a store where I can touch and look at all of those amazing and ornate miniature trinkets. If you’ve never been, check it out. The lady who runs it sends the items in the cutest packaging too!

+ We Love Colors — This (online) store has an amazing selection of tights. They are my favorite tights I’ve ever owned. So opaque and sturdy!

+ The Container Store — Did you need to organize something? Anything? Everything? Go here. The closest one is about an hour away from me but I do love going there when I can. My favorite part of the entire store is the gift wrapping section, where they have such small and colorful boxes to choose from.

Paper Presentation — Another place in New York. It was the most overwhelmed I’ve ever been in a paper store. So huge!

+ Michaels — For any craft needs that may not have been met from the previous paper stores.

+ WaWa — for a snack and beverage fix. 🙂

What stores would be in your ideal mall?