This is a really, really strange time on the planet right now. We are all worrying about various things – the virus, our loved ones, our work, and much more. However, one of the things you’ve probably noticed is people complaining about gaining ‘lockdown weight’. Lockdown rules may be different depending on where you are, but chances are, you’re moving less and eating more due to the situation. For those who have always struggled with body image and mental health, it can be a tough time. Here, we’re going to tell you how you can minimise stress about your weight during lockdown. 

Focus On Spending Time Doing The Things You Enjoy

This is a difficult time. Some people have reported improved mental health – they have lived in a permanent state of stress and anxiety for so long, thinking that the worst is going to happen, and it finally seems to have happened. Somehow, this seems to have improved the way they feel. 

This isn’t the case for everybody, though. For many, this has exacerbated their existing problems. For others, it has drawn problems they didn’t even know they had to the surface. There’s so much going on without worrying about a number on the scale. Rather than worrying about your weight, find something you like to do. It could be reading a book, watching a show you’ve always wanted to watch, starting a podcast, painting, or yes, even eating. This is not a time to be as productive or as healthy as you can. This is a time where all we have to do is survive. 

Try To Eat Proper, Balanced Meals 

If you’re worried about snacking, try to eat filling, balanced meals. Sticking to a regular eating schedule will likely make you want to snack and binge less, providing you’re eating enough during meal times. Try to get plenty of vegetables, but know that you don’t need to eat ‘clean’ or ‘keto’ or anything of the sort. 

Move Your Body In A Way That Makes You Feel Empowered

If you feel inclined to do so, move your body in a way that makes you feel good. This could be a simple stretch or 10 minute yoga flow in the morning. It could be skipping for 15 minutes. Exercise has been proven to help feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and depression. Just remember that exercise may not be enough for times of serious emotional distress – booking a phone call with a qualified therapist may be the way to go if you feel like you need to talk to somebody. 

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Show Your Body Love 

Pick one body part a day and show it some love, whether you ‘like’ this body part or not. Smother it in cream or oils. Say nice things to it. Appreciate all it does for you! 

Develop A Mantra/Use Affirmations

You are so much more than a body. Your body is the least interesting thing about you. There are many more mantras and affirmations that could resonate with you. Pick one and repeat it regularly!

Silence Your Inner Critic (Or Laugh At Them) 

You are not the voice in your head – you’re the one who listens to it. With this in mind, know that it’s totally possible when the mean voice in your head starts whining. Choose a different thought, or better yet, laugh at your inner critic. Accept that they may not completely go away, but you don’t have to let what they say affect you so deeply.