Still Not Purifying Your Drinking Water? 5 Convincing Reasons You Should Start Today | Uncustomary

We all need to drink plenty of water in order to help stay hydrated and healthy but the big question is do you know how clean each glass of water you are drinking actually is?

If you are drinking what could be classed as a potentially unhealthy glass of water there is a possibility that you might be doing yourself more harm than good.

Using a filtering system to purify your water like the ones available at will help to ensure that every sip of water you take is able to do its job of fueling your body as well as tasting good too.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should be purifying your water.

You can’t rely on your tap to have filtered out the nasty bits

The bottom line is that the municipal water treatment plant that is responsible for delivering safe drinking water to your tap is unlikely to have filtered out all of the bad bits, despite making it safe enough to drink.

It is hard to generalize as each water treatment plant will incorporate slightly different ways of filtering your water to a point where it is considered safe to drink, however, it is also entirely possible that it will be using chlorine to act as a disinfectant.

There is no reason to suggest that your local water treatment plant is not meeting its basic requirement of delivering safe drinking water to your home, most of the time, but if you want to boost your chances of enjoying clean and tasty drinking water it makes sense to add another layer of water purification.

Bear in mind that there is a chance that some organisms will slip through the safety net of chlorine and end up in your glass.

Your local water services company will do their job to a certain extent but it makes sense to have an extra barrier in the form of your own water purification system to give you a bit more peace of mind that the bugs have been eliminated before you raise the glass to your lips.

Great for swimming but not so great for drinking

It is worth talking a bit more about the chlorine used to treat your water as it doubles up as a disinfectant as well as a toxic chemical.

It should be noted that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers that a certain level of contaminants within your water is considered to be acceptable, in other words, it knows and accepts that your water will not be pure, even though it might be viewed as safe based on their guidelines.

The hint should be taken that they use chlorine in swimming pools, albeit in a larger quantity, and if you really don’t want any potentially hazardous substances in your glass of water the best way to achieve that aim would be to use a purifier.

It’s all about the taste

At the end of the day, considering that the suggested daily intake is somewhere in the region of eight glasses of water, it stands to reason that you will want to enjoy the experience and appreciate the taste.

It is not always understood or appreciated just how good a glass of water tastes when it is odorless and pure.

Using a water purifier is a real win-win situation because you are filtering out the nasty bits and enhancing the taste at the same time.

It is fair to say that if you are drinking your daily water in order to keep your body healthy and hydrated you will probably be ok with the water that comes from the tap but if you are drinking the right amount of water each day you will surely want it to taste good as well.

It won’t cost much to switch to cleaner and tastier water

Even if you are already convinced about the benefits of switching to purified water you might still be a bit skeptical about the cost and could be forgiven for thinking that great drinking water comes at a premium.

You will almost certainly be pleasantly surprised to discover that water purification is often very affordable and entry-level filters probably won’t cost you a lot more than a branded pizza.

A simple pitcher filter and dispenser kit will not break the bank even if you go for a more expensive filtration system it should still deliver great value for money when you consider how many clean glasses of water you are going to enjoy.

Save the planet and save money too

How many bottles of pure water to you buy each week?

Bottled water has become a regular habit for many of us but there there are a couple of problems with that, firstly, far too many of those plastic bottles will end up in landfill which is not good for the environment, secondly, add up what you are paying for those bottles of water and you will soon have enough to pay for a purifier.

If you switch to drinking purified water from your own filtration system at home you will be able to refill your bottles and save on wastage while saving a ton of money at the same time.

There is another valid point to consider, which is that there have been growing suggestions that a worrying percentage of the bottled water you buy at the gas station and the supermarket is barely and better, or even the same as tap water.

There is no need to waste such a large amount of money when there is a genuinely healthy alternative that is even easier to use as you don’t have to travel anywhere to collect your bottle of pure water.

When you add up all the arguments it is very difficult not to come down on the side of using a water purifier. Whether you are motivated by the idea of protecting you and your family from potential bacteria coming through your tap or just want a really clean and tasty drink of water, buying a water purifier should provide the solution you are looking for.