I’ve been blessed in my life to have friends with impeccable taste in music, and many have been gracious enough to share their favorite songs with me. One that Michelle introduced me to is “Stars Were Exploding” by Good Luck. It’s a very short song, but that’s not the only reason I’m more than likely to hit repeat after the song ends. The lyrics have resonated with me since the beginning.

“You dove down to the bottom. The very bottom where all things go to die. Everyone wanted to hold him, wanted to feel alive. So we gathered up the broken stars, lit a spark, put them back up in the sky. If you can wish on their falling, imagine what you can do bringing them back to life.

Some days, these words just give me a general upbeat feeling, and sometimes I feel like each word is a weight that needs to be dissected and examined until I figure out the meaning of life.

Interpretations of songs, poetry, and any form of art are obviously subjective, but it’s always interesting to hear how someone else swallowed the same thing you did. I would love to hear how you feel about the above lyrics.

I taped up some paper letters in a mini tunnel near downtown. It was raining, but the letters and I were covered by the enclosure. I hope someone enjoys this little pop of color.