Spruce Up Your Living Room In April | Uncustomary

Spring is here and many of us can’t wait to enjoy much longer days, warmer climates, and excuses to host garden parties at home. One of the rooms that you can spruce up during early spring is the living room – and you can make it feel less cozy and warm and more fresh and spacious. 

The living room is the soul of any home and it is where most of us spend our time. Today we are going to go through some of the simple jobs you can do to help spruce up your living room and make it into a fresh living space in April. 

Freshen up glosswork 

The gloss paint on your doors and skirting boards can be easily forgotten about and go unnoticed for many years. However over time, even if the gloss paint started off bright white – after daily wear and tear it will fade and turn yellow and stained. One simple job you can do this weekend to immediately lift the living room is to apply a fresh coat of gloss paint. To prepare your surfaces for gloss paint you’ll need to sand away the old paint, wash it down, and make sure it is smooth and dust free. You can choose between high and low shine gloss paint depending on your taste and it will have a big impact on the room. 

Relay the floor 

If you are sick and tired of the same old carpet that keeps falling foul to spills and stains – why not upgrade to some fresh wood flooring? Wood flooring comes in a wide spectrum of colors and tones and will lift the whole living room and offer a stunning feature. As well as lifting the design of the room it will be much easier to clean! You can check out ways to clean with a guide from validpick.com.

Add a feature wall 

A feature wall is one of those go-to ways to quickly change your living room for the better. If you have had the same color on your walls for many years or you don’t have any color at all – consider choosing one wall and turn it into a feature. Many stunning colors will look amazing in your living room and you can browse interior design magazines or articles to inspire your choice. Painting a feature wall will only take a few hours and it will lift the whole space. 

Invest in houseplants 

Houseplants can be the missing piece to your interior design. If you have a small blank corner or a space on your shelf – often a houseplant is what you need to fill the gap. Take the opportunity this spring to bring some greenery into your home and enjoy the stunning textures and colors they can bring. From a white peace lily to a green and yellow snake plant – there are so many amazing plants to choose from to bring some vibrancy to a dull space. 

Use our simple ideas and tips to bring some fun into your living room this April and spruce up its design for the better.