My whole thing is to wear whatever you want whenever you want. I embrace that myself and encourage my friends and readers to do the same, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t gravitate towards one style over another. Ultimately, my favorite “look” or style is a general A-line structured dress paired with leggings and a cardigan. Usually the dress is solid and the leggings or patterned or it’s the other way around. And I wear ballet flats almost always.

Sometimes I wear fancy shoes or a faux fur coat or weird baggy shorts with a pom pom fringe hem, but what I just described is kind of my go-to. And I’m a blogger not an engineer, so price is pretty important to me when I’m going out to buy clothes. I gravitate towards stores like Forever 21, Target, and there are some great online options like Zaful. They pride themselves on having great style and customer service with super affordable prices, and I can definitely get on board with that.

I’d love to do this adorable heart-patterned dress with a solid-colored red or blue legging.

Zaful Spring Style
Colorful Heart Print Sleeveless Dress $46.15

I could also do some crazy leggings like these with a plainer dress.

Zaful Spring Style
Colorful Print Elastic Waisted Leggings $12.83

Zaful Spring Style
Red Sleeveless Wavy Hem Dress $20.07

I’m always going to throw on a gaudy ring before I leave the house, and you really can’t go wrong with something less than $4!

Zaful Spring Style
Rhinestone Decorated Ring $3.23

And tell me how cute this purse is? It comes in a bunch of spring-time colors, but I really love the yellow. It’s big enough to hold all my crap and comes with adorable key chains! Sometimes, even if I leaving the house in pajamas I still feel fancy when I have a great purse.

Zaful Spring Style
Checked Chain Beading Tote Bag $31.88

Do you have a go-to look? Is there something you just feel more comfortable in than anything else? I like these kind of dresses because they compliment my shape, and leggings make it so I don’t have to sit lady-like! Hope you’re having a stylish spring!