I’ve done a lot of things this year that I’m proud of, but I really haven’t made finding new music a priority recently. I’ve found new bands, but it hasn’t been very frequent at all. I’ve been listening to things I already know I like, which is good, but I really would like to look for more.

In an attempt to share what music I know is good with the world, I created some cards with song suggestions. They were inspired by small iPod shaped sticky notes that my friend Karen mailed me. I wrote the song and artist on the front, and on the back I wrote why I like the song or a memory I associate with that song. I left them on poles, trees, and other crannies I could find.

I’ve shared most of these songs before, some on my Mix CDs For Strangers post, and some in my Tuesday Playlists from way back… if you’re interested. And I would also love for some suggestions of new music! Feel free to check out my Last.fm, if you’re better at suggesting things based on what people like already. My more recently played is a better indication, versus my overall play counts, though. 🙂

What are you currently listening to??