When you own a property and aren’t living there, it’s very important to get renters in as soon as possible. It’s also imperative you’re attracting the right type of renters, ones that will respect your property and pay rent on time. However, to attract the right crowd and to get the price that you deserve, you have to ensure that your property is both pristine, clean and livable.

Luckily, there are simple updates and touches you can do that will help your chances of finding the right renters. By doing so, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your property is in capable hand, but also that you’re getting your monies worth.

Fresh Paint

Start by giving your place a fresh coat of paint or hiring someone who’ll do it for you. Consult with an expert to select attractive and modern colors that will make your place look current and modern. Consider sticking with lighter hues if your place is typically dark inside, and only paint in neutral colors as bright and loud hues can easily offend any people viewing your property, limiting those who may be interested.

Ceiling Fans

By installing ceiling fans into a few of your property’s rooms, you’re increasing its value. However, not only can ceiling fans look amazing, but they’re also functional. In the heat of summer they can provide a cooling breeze, and if it’s cold out, they can help move the warm air around the property. However, if you want your fans to make an impact, you need to find ones that are both beautiful and functional. Brand Fanimation, create sleek and smart ceiling fans, which are ideal for large, contemporary rooms. The Fanimation collection consists of fans made from bronze, nickel, cherry-walnut or satin nickel; a color and texture to fit any room’s color scheme.

In addition to a ceiling fan, you can also use the ceiling for entertainment. You can install a ceiling mount projector for fun family movie nights.

New Carpet

Rip out any old, dirty carpet and replace it with a new, comfortable selection. Doing so will brighten up the rooms and add an upgraded level of cushion below your feet. Although this can be costly, there are many benefits of replacing the carpet. Not only does it offer a new lease of life to your property, but it’s also nice for those who will be renting your property. If carpet is no longer working for you, though, then stripping the carpet and replacing it with wooden flooring can be just as welcoming, if not more so.

Curb Appeal

One way to attract renters is to spruce up the outside of your property and make it look welcoming. Take care of your landscaping, paint your front door and add a few pieces of tasteful décor, such as potted plants or garden ornaments. Many renters find their new home by driving or walking past the place and liking what they see. Having curb appeal also shows that you’re a good landlord who cares for your place and will be attentive to the renter’s requests.


All it takes is a few simple updates and you’ll have renters knocking at your door wanting a tour. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what you’d want to see when considering moving into a new place. Make your property look attractive and you’ll attract the right kind of tenants.