Simple Daily Rituals To Reconnect With Your Family | Uncustomary

Our daily lives have become so busy that it’s easy to fall into a routine of going to work, paying bills, cooking and cleaning. And especially with the holidays approaching, your calendar is looking even fuller with additions like Christmas shopping and prepping for the upcoming festivities. If you are like most people and you miss spending time with your family, but you just don’t know how to go back into that quality family time groove, check out our quick list below. 

Create a Memory Jar

This idea is perfect for giving each member of the family a chance to share stories and thoughts each day. Encourage your loved ones to write daily notes and place them in the jar. Once a week, have all the family get together and have one person read all the notes collected that week. Besides being a fun idea you can all do together, it will give you a chance to have a laugh but also discuss more serious topics as a family. Tip for parents: include a few surprising pearls of wisdom with your stories to get the conversation going.  

Have Dinner Together Every Evening

When is the last time you sat at the dinner table with your family without using your phone? Eating at least a meal together each day is very important in creating strong bonds with your family. Besides being an easy ritual, it’s enjoyable and you get to do it every day. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to talk about your day and share stories. Just remember, leave the phone in the other room before sitting down to eat. 

Enjoy Game Nights

This one may be a classic, but it never fails. Game nights are fun at any age, just choose the right game to play and everybody will enjoy the activity. Instead of sitting in front of the TV after dinner, make it a daily habit to have at least a 30-minute session of fun games with all the family. Just get some snacks and you’re all set. It’s that easy!

Simple Daily Rituals To Reconnect With Your Family | Uncustomary

Walk Together

Walking (or any type of exercise) is great for your health and it gives you a chance to connect with your family. After dinner walks are perfect for getting fresh air while enjoying time with your loved ones. Alternatively, instead of letting your kids stay at home in front of the TV while you go shopping, take them with you. Biking and swimming are other great options enjoyed by all members of the fam – just find that sporty activity you all enjoy and start adding it to your weekly routine. 

Cook Together

Creating savoury meals and delicious desserts together is a fun activity that everyone can participate in. Besides, your kids will love getting creative with the cake decorations – just provide the tools and let them go wild while doing your best to ignore the mess. After all, cooking and baking are all about creating special memories together – then enjoying the fruits (or cakes) of your labour. 

Simple Daily Rituals To Reconnect With Your Family | Uncustomary