Shine Light On The Truth | Uncustomary

Shining light on a situation isn’t always a comfortable thing.

Sometimes we stay in the shadows on purpose because they feel safer. We know if we emerge into the light we’ll have to see and face the truth, some of which feels ugly.

But deal with truth like you deal with body positivity. There is no ugly. Only good. All truth is just facts. You just hear it, know it, and choose how you react to it.

If it illicits an emotion like anger in you, figure out why. If you are called to stand up and resist that truth in the name of justice, I will hold your hand as you stand there.

Shine Light On The Truth | Uncustomary

If it feels hard to just swallow something that seems like it should be a different way because we are constantly needing to unlearn the things we were taught as we were brought up, that’s okay.

Transformation isn’t easy. It’s work. It takes effort and strength. There’s a reason people give up.
Don’t give up. Not yet. Not ever. Take a day, week, or even a year off if you need it. But never forget your truth.

Your truth empowers you more than anything else I can think of at this moment. So speak it loudly. With conviction, force, and guts.

Photos: Maura Housley