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We’re continuing the series with Carol. You’ll love her response to the prompt, “I Feel Happiest In My Skin When…” Thanks for participating, Carol!

I Feel Happiest In My Skin When... | Uncustomary

I feel happiest in my skin when….

Those I care about are happy. My family, my friends, my co-workers…when I see them relaxed, smiling, and feeling good, it makes me feel that way myself. Happiness is contagious!
When something good happens – a financial windfall, a promotion, reaching a goal fitness-wise – it’s just not the same unless there is someone to celebrate with.

In fact, it’s not the same unless you have someone who is made just as happy as you are by your achievement (as opposed to flatly saying “congratulations” apathetically, and perhaps experience a negative emotion to go along with it).

People don’t realize that they are telegraphing their thoughts and emotions at all times: They may have a smile on their face but give themselves away by their eyes or body language. It’s important not to get sidetracked by people who don’t get you at the moment…just keep treating them as you wish to be treated.

Now, if you have someone in your corner, someone who wants only the best for you and is made happy by your happiness…well, then, the joy is not hollow and the feeling of euphoria is not fleeting.

I also am happy for others’ good fortunes and accomplishments, and notice that when I am truly, deeply, happy for someone, they can feel it, too.

In fact, I’m happier when someone I love experiences good fortune or is happy, even more so than when something great happens for me. Putting others first should come first!

Being able to identify with and empathize with your fellow humans at all times is the true road to happiness that lasts a lifetime.

Dogs have this down. They completely lose themselves in your presence: It’s all about you. They are always watching you, and are happy when you are happy, sad when you are sad, hungry when you are hungry, and unconditionally loving toward you always.

So as strange as it sounds, the more we can be like a dog, the better off we are!




Carol Archebelle is the Digital Media Manager at Foundations Wellness Center, a Florida drug and alcohol rehab treatment facility. She lives with her husband, youngest son, and dog in Port St. Lucie, Florida.










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