We’re all reflecting on 2017 and thinking forward to the next year and imagining how amazing it can and will be! We’ve been working really hard since 2015 and 2018 is going to be our year to reap the rewards, I’m telling you. That doesn’t mean we can totally sit back and relax, though. We’ve still got to take an active role in our self-care, and make it a conscious decision to feel good in the coming months. I have an awesome idea of one way to jump start your year, and it’s by coming to join me in Baltimore for a Self-Love Party!

Want to join me for a SELF-LOVE PARTY?!

Let’s celebrate SELF-love in the month of February instead of getting hung up on romantic love.
I want to throw you a huge party and honor how amazing you are as-is!

I’ve got a venue, a photographer, a belly dance teacher, a henna tattoo artist, a Tarot card reader, an aura photographer, a panel of experts in various areas, and a crazy awesome plan to make February 10th the best night ever!

If you decide to join me, you’ll be among a small group of amazing people who are committed to celebrating self-love and life! We’ll spend the night soaking in each other’s energy and going through a series of activities that promote self-love like meditation, EFT, dancing, journaling, and creating rituals. You’ll be spoiled all night from the base with snacks and wine all the way to your way out the door with a gift bag worth $150.

You won’t have to worry about documenting it, because my photographer has that under control, but it’ll be a colorful adventure that will definitely be snap-worthy, and it’ll be an incredible opportunity for networking so don’t forget those business cards!

Self-Love Party! | Uncustomary

You ready?!
It’s going to be on February 10th in Baltimore, MD.

There will be…

  • Aura photography
  • Belly dancing
  • Henna tattoos
  • Tarot card readings
  • $150 valued gift bags
  • Refreshments, wine
  • Meditation, dancing, EFT, journaling
  • Self-love rituals
  • Expert Q&A Panel
  • Professional photography
  • and more!

Let’s get real for a second about the price. I know it’s a lot of money. I honestly made this as cheap as I possibly could for the pre-sale price. It’s literally just covering the costs of the services that will be provided. Remember that artists need to be paid! All these awesome things can’t just happen, so they have to come from somewhere, and that’s what the ticket price is going towards. I promise you right now that I will make it feel like you’re VIP the entire night, and you won’t regret one penny of your purchase. I’m honestly just interested in having this experience with you, so let’s do it!

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