Self-Care Comes At The Expense Of Doing Something Else | Uncustomary

I slept 17 hours last night because the world is making me so depressed that I only want to be unconscious. I share that because I want you to know if you’re going through something similar it’s OKAY. It SUCKS. Don’t get me wrong, it SUCKS. But you don’t need to feel guilty about not tackling your to do list, rescheduling appointments, or calling out of work to take care of yourself.

Most of the time self-care comes at the expense of doing something else. It’s unfortunate, but we can’t do all the things. We don’t have all the hours. But you have to get yourself as close to healthy with mental, physical, and emotional stability as you can before you try to burn the other end of your candle with work, errands, and taking on responsibilities with other people.
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