Self-Care For The Artist: How To Stay Creative And De-Stress | Uncustomary

Self-care should never be underestimated. It is necessary to stay happy, content, and most of all relaxed throughout life’s daily stresses. This is particularly true for those in the creative fields. Typically, creatives are much more empathetic than their STEM counterparts. Their livelihoods require them to be in touch with how they feel, and they can use their negative emotions as much as their positive emotions. Being a professional creative, however, comes with added stress many don’t realize. Being self-employed means being responsible for everything. It means needing to be your own marketing team. It means always striving to do better. It means having all the weight and stress of being a CEO, without consistent pay and without financial stability.

Creatives need to practice self-care. They need to take care of themselves because if they are to do everything, then they need to be on top of their game. That is why you should follow this guide to ensure you have the physical and mental fortitude to deal with being a creative:

  • Eat Healthy

Health starts from within. That is why when you want to be a professional artist, you need to skip out on the stereotype of the alcoholic, wounded artist. It is okay to be okay. In fact, being healthy can not only help you feel great, it can make you more active, more inspired, and can help you manage the other, more boring aspect of being self-employed: the business processes. You can make it as an artist, and you can be successful, but you need to take the managing of your brand as seriously as you take your art. Self-care begins with being healthy, and your diet is the cornerstone of your health. Exercise and getting a better sleep are also proven ways to enhance your natural energy and your mood, so they are excellent tip to try out.

  • Do What Works Best for You

If you find that your medical prescription for cannabis is the only thing that can let you relax, and the only thing that lets you manage whatever mental or physical illness you may have, then that’s what you need. Don’t let stigmas make you ashamed to take the medication that you need to be healthy. Dope Mail weed online allows you to get your medical marijuana discretely as well, meaning you don’t need to trigger your social anxiety to get something that works for you. A Weed Advisor is for Cannabis Consumers.

  • Use Automation When You Can

Self-employment is online. It doesn’t matter if the actual work that you do is in the physical world, your marketing, finances, and your business will be online. That is why you need to start relying on automation techniques to keep your accounts active. This will help you save more time to relax, since a lot of the hard work can be done all at once in advance.

Artists need to stay healthy. They also need to stay relaxed. Being self-employed can be incredibly daunting, but it can be done. Do it right, and you’ll enjoy freedom most don’t get to experience.