Throughout this past week I’ve handed out little surveys in person or via e-mail (in honor of Valentine’s Day). I’ve typed up all the responses and mixed them up.

Here’s what the little surveys looked like:

The people I asked were my boyfriend, my cat (Matt made up his answers), my co-workers, my boss, my friends, and my pen-pals. Can you spot your answers?

How long ago was the last time you fell in love?

“Almost 20 years ago”

“I fall in love daily…with Eric”
“One year ago”
“Over 6 years ago”
“7 months ago-every day with him”
“Five or so years ago”
“4 years 1 month 5 days”
“5 years ago but also last week and yesterday”
“1 year ago”
“Six months ago”
“Four months-ish. Or more esoterically, last night when I fell in love with Color Me Katie’s outlook on life”
“A year ago. Still in love.”
“4 years ago”
“Whenever I see chicken”
“Year ago”
“Four and a half years ago.. and every other day after”
“April 8; 10 months ago”

What is your favorite romantic song?

“‘You Are My Lady’ – Johnny Gill”
“‘Arms Of The One Who Loves You’ – Xscape”
“‘Thug Love’ by Bone Thugs & Tupac”
“‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros”

“This one I can’t even name off the top of my head”

“‘Pennsylvania’ – The Bloodhound Gang”
“‘Collide’ – Howie Day”
“Since Saturday ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston”
“‘Remember When'”
“‘Too Good To Be’ – New Found Glory”
“‘I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’ – Elvis Presley”
“‘Without You’ but I have many!”
“‘Montauk’ – Bayside”
“‘Chasing Cars’ – Snow Patrol”
“‘Somebody Knows You Now’ – Brad Paisley”
“‘The Way She Loves Me’ – Tonic”
“‘I Don’t Wanna Wait’ – Paula Cole”

What non-living thing do you currently love the most?

“My new book”
“Kinoko No Yama cookies”
“My green thing”
“Art supplies”
“My pillow”
“My iPhone”
“Quack Quack”
“My teddy bear my man gave me way before Valentine’s Day”
“My purse”
“My knitting bag (& tools)”
“Budda Bee, my stuffed animal”
“Whitney Houston”
“My bed and body pillow”
“Art stuff!”

* Extra credit for anyone who can pick out my cat’s answers (or mine!) *

If you didn’t get a survey to fill out then tell me your answers now! I wanna know!