It’s that time again! Time for me to share some of the weird and quirky places you can visit in Maryland, courtesy of information from Roadside America. If you’re itching for more cool and unusual places, browse the tag from past posts. And be sure to check out Roadside America to find local attractions in your area. You can even suggest tips for places that should be listed on the site!

Attraction: Cateraptasaurus: Mecha-Dinosaur Sculpture
Location: Rosedale

Roadside America: Cateraptasaurus Dinosaur Sculpture Rosedale, Maryland | Uncustomary Art

This dinosaur sculpture is in a yard full of construction equipment off the side of Route 40. There’s not really anywhere to park, so I kind of hovered in a driveway in front of the entrance. The sculpture is through a fence, so you either need to reach above the barbed wire or position your camera through the links to get a photo.

Attraction: John Paul Jones Crypt
Location: Annapolis

Roadside America: Maryland - John Paul Jones Crypt Naval Academy| Uncustomary Art

This is an above-ground crypt on the grounds of The Naval Academy. You want to go to Gate 3 off Maryland Avenue. There is a lot of free street parking in front of the gate, but do not try to drive in the gate because it is exit only, even though it is not clearly marked, and a military police officer will yell at you. You need to show your driver’s license to walk on the grounds, and tell the guard that you’re looking for the chapel (it’s directly to your right). Inside the chapel is beautiful, but you want to go to the right side of the building (walk the path from the Admin building) to a door that leads you under the chapel to find the crypt.

Attraction: Giant Hammer
Location: Fort Washington

Roadside America: Maryland - Giant Hammer Fort Washington, Maryland | Uncustomary Art

Your GPS will make it seem like you’re trying to drive into a shopping center, but you want to actually turn onto the service road running in front of that plaza to find this hammer. The address will lead you to a store, but the hammer is in front of the store! You have to get out and walk in the field. The hammer can also be seen from the road, but it will be hard to get a good photo that way.

Attraction: Tornado Memorial
Location: La Plata

Roadside America: Maryland - La Plata Tornado Memorial | Uncustomary Art

This is very easy to find, and the gate is always open. It’s very cute, behind an old fire station that is now a pretty seafoam green color. There’s some benches, flowers, and a sun dial. There’s a lot of places to park around there.

Attraction: Giant Spongebob
Location: Clements

Roadside America: Maryland - Giant Spongebob Clements, Maryland | Uncustomary Art

Deep in southern Maryland is this rather new gem, a super derpy looking Spongebob in the middle of a farm’s field. It’s easily seen from the road, but you want to stop and actually walk in the field to get close to it, because it’s pretty far in. I just temporarily parked in the shoulder of the road.

Attraction: “The Awakening” AKA Buried Giant
Location: Oxon Hill

Roadside America: Maryland | Uncustomary Art

Oxon Hill is actually what is known as The National Harbor. It’s a weird but beautiful area, that’s mostly just for shopping and restaurants. It’s on the harbor, and the views are gorgeous. There are also lots of cool stores with exaggerated storefronts like cow benches outside Ben And Jerry’s or a yellow VW Beetle parked outside the Peeps Store.

The giant was moved here from a different location, and is now in the sand in front of the harbor. It’s full of tourists, and even at 8 pm on a Wednesday I had to wait almost twenty minutes just to get this photo where there are still people in frame. I kind of just gave up after a while, everyone is trying to take selfies with the hand!

Which of these is your favorite?