Nothing can beat the feeling of completely acing your essay, but this is only possible if you take the time out to perfect and work on your essay (unless you’re one of those gifted people that can do zero revision and still get 100%). Now that we have been graced with a brand new year, it’s time to refresh our minds and get down to the nitty and gritty of essay writing – so why not make some resolutions, if you don’t want to pay someone to write the research paper? Procrastinating can feel like second nature when being tasked with a giant essay, but there are ways to ensure that you get the job and nail it on time, first time. An assignment writing service is brilliant when you’re really struggling, but here are ways to get the job done all on your own.

Keep Your Phone In A Separate Room

I’m sure we’ve all felt the power of our phones – they have the ability to control us for hours just with a single notification. Essay writing merged with a mobile phone is a recipe for disaster, so you should prevent distraction from occurring in the new year and lock your phone away in a completely different room. It might seem extreme, but I’m sure we’ve all picked up our phone intending to check one message, which then suddenly turns into a 2 hour session on YouTube. Ideas enter our heads constantly, so rather losing them all whilst pondering on your phone, get yourself in the flow of writing and keep ‘em coming!

Make A Deal With Your Friend

New Year’s resolution can seem daunting a first, so why not take the pressure off of yourself and find a study buddy? Not only will this give you a new-found motivation to complete all of your work on time to a high standard, but you’ll also be able to share ideas with your study buddy to enhance both your pieces of work! Furthermore, if you’re both working on completely separate topics, this can actually be beneficial, as your study buddy can read over your work with a fresh perspective and identify anything that needs changing or removing!

Do Extra Research

Essay writing is only possible with an extensive knowledge regarding the topic you’re set with, and thus the more logical, factual and well-written your essay is, the higher the grade will be. Obviously, you wouldn’t be set an essay if you hadn’t been taught about the contents, however you can bump up that final grade even more by continuing research out of the classroom. Writing scholarship essays all in one go can be exhausting – write one paragraph a day perhaps, and spend the time in between each session to carry out detailed research onto the next session. As a result, you’re not just preventing yourself from over-working, but you’re also enriching your knowledge and increasing your chances of a higher grade.

Carry Your Notebook Everywhere

A eureka moment can happen anywhere – in fact I bet there are hundreds of people out there who’ve had excellent ideas that could make them a fortune, but have then forgotten because they had nowhere to store that idea. Well, this can happen with your essay – you just never know when an essay will pop into your head! To prevent it from escaping, carry a small notebook around with you everywhere, as well as a pen, so you can jot down every idea ready for when you return back to your essay writing.

Striving for a high grade is nothing to be ashamed of, and we promise you that hard work and determination will always pay off in the end. By following these simple resolutions, you will be able to find yourself climbing to the top of your class!