On Tuesday I showed some of the places I went around to photograph. (Click through to read the mini background on why and to see the collection of toilets and leads nowhere staircase!)

Today I’m going to show the rest of the pictures I took that day.

The first is a beautiful teal mailbox that is on my way to Matt’s house. I love how old, big, and bright it is, but when I stopped the car to take a picture of it, I saw how long the owner’s driveway is. I don’t even know where it goes .. I’ve definitely never been there.

I also made a stop behind the  building of the “town council” or whatever they call themselves. I was planning on taking pictures of two of the signs reserved for the council members but the best one was torn down! I guess someone else thought that “Worshipful Master” instead of “President” or “Chairman” was too funny to just leave. Haha. But the one I did get a picture of is the “Refreshment Chairman”! Really? Really.
The last place I want to share with you is Mexican restaurant in Pasadena called Lista’s. I’ve only eaten there once and I remember it being decorated ceiling to floor when I was there. But the outside is awesome too! There’s a humongous chair and really brightly painted everything else.

Oh, and I also saw these weird clouds being made from what I assume were jet planes? They were being made quickly and consistently for a few minutes. Can anyone identify what would have made these?
I hope you guys enjoyed the little glimpse into my area. More to come, I promise.. I’ve already started another list!