Relieve Anxiety: A New E-Course | Uncustomary

Do you suffer from anxiety?
Are you tired of letting anxiety run your life?
Do you want freedom from anxiety?

40 million people, just in the United States, suffer from anxiety. It’s time to provide some relief!

I’ve suffered from anxiety for over two decades, have my degree in psychology, have worked at a psychiatric rehab center, and have put in hundreds of hours into my personal self-care to find tools, activities, and techniques that work to decrease anxiety. I believe my mission on this earth is to make other people happy, and what better way than to spread my knowledge on how to aid in the relief of the plague that is anxiety?

Introducing a new e-course on relieving anxiety. It’s currently on pre-sale at a discounted price. It will go live on October 16th, at which point the price will go up.

  • It goes over what anxiety is and what causes it and then moves into the benefits of self-care and goes over specific healthy and holistic ways tips, activities, and techniques geared at relieving anxiety.
  • You’ll receive special meditations, EFT trainings, worksheets, playlists, affirmations, and more.

Check It Out!

Photo: Maura Housley